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Aesthetic Realms is an events and research collective that celebrates and explores the audiovisual design and craft of film and television. We produce and curate bespoke film and television events with industry professionals and write and research content that is designed to enhance audience enjoyment and understanding of the aesthetics of these two mediums celebrating the niche side of these art forms, a side which some may argue is somewhat still overlooked or sidelined.

Often screen content is praised above form but one could contend that what makes the perfect screen experience is the balance of both. Not only is it important to attract audiences and to tell a story through narrative elements but films and television series that demonstrate strong audio-visual identities can create atmospheres and psychological impact that in turn create a whole other level of enjoyment and emotional involvement for their audiences. The creative decisions made can often propel cinema and television into new realms, set new standards and propel technology and design into new leagues.

Aesthetic Realms intends to examine what goes into creating an aesthetic and demonstrates through articles, events and industry-led research why and how it is important to create a specific audio-visual identity and to salute those that are making a unique and impactful contribution to screen art. We delve into the worlds of those who have used their aesthetic genius to enhance the themes, emotion and experience of film and television series and those who have experimented and continue to push boundaries in areas including cinematography, lighting, SFX, VFX, title sequence design, costume and production design, editing, sound design, music and props making.

Upcoming Events

Aesthetic Realms: Creating TV Worlds

Fri 17 May, 16:30
Event Space, HOME, Manchester

The Art of The TV Title Sequence

Sun 19 May, 16:00
Cinema 2, HOME, Manchester

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